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31 July, 2015

Charity Christmas Single

Following the tragic flooding that hit Cumbria and parts of Lancashire in early December, a group of local musicians got together and decided to create a charity single to raise money for the flood relief fund. Luke Paget and Jamie Walker from ‘The Feud’, wrote the song and managed to bring together local artists, including Molly Warburton, Amy-Jo Clough, Jamie Morrison, Jonathan Doyle, Joe Fennell, Nick Latham & Geoff Orr and I. I was asked to sing┬áthe vocals for the first two verses at about midnight last Friday night as I was heading away for the week, nothing like a good bit of last minute singing! For the big chorus, the main musicians were joined by the great sounds of over 150 members of the community all singing the chorus in unison! A real show of community spirit!

A big well done to the local schools who all turned out to join in with the chorus and made a great sound. Please buy the song for 99p and contribute to the flood relief effort